Rebbekah Ogden




I assure you I am Brown. If you’re a White person you might say, “Brown? I’d swear you look Black!” If you’re Black you might say, “Nah you a White girl. “

What I’m really saying is I’m a product of generational cultural rebellion, a by-product of interracial curiosity, lust, rape, love, conception. Basically, primal human satisfaction. 

Ultimately what I’m saying is “I’m worldly.” Which is a term that cracks me up every time I say it. Because I grew up with a Messianic, Jewish, Christian, Conservative worldview. That’s a very fancy way to say I believe in a monotheistic religion of there being one God, one Creator.

But honestly, at heart, I’m just a young artist trying to figure out where I came from, not only biologically but culturally. My past hides many generational secrets, legends, myths, and racial discrimination between brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. My art/philosophy wrestles with concepts of what it truly means to be multi-racial. 

What I'm on About

A character. A choice. A story. 

When we are truly listening 

We interact with another's story 

We live in their shoes for a time 

We see with their eyes and we hear with their ears.

When we are truly engaged in their tale; hearing their defence

We understand their choices

We empathize with them 

This is the power of theatre. 

This is the storytelling I want to engage with

I want to share stories that open our eyes to someone else's worldview with compassion 

No, with more than that 

To give each other space to believe something different.

We are all human

But we are not all called to be exactly like one another

To have the same belief as someone else 

We can and should, sit and learn from those who have a different perspective. 

I say:

Away with titles and phrases

Away with racism and discrimination

Tear down preconceived opinion 

We are human. 

We must look past our racial appearance and religious adherence

 Be sisters with different mothers

Brothers with one another

Siblings of all different colours. 

We can and we should listen 

We will listen

I will listen

Now speak your story

I am here to hear.


The Kite

Production Company: Rosebud Theatre
Director: Morris Ertman
Role: Keith

A Christmas Story

Production Company: Rosebud Theatre
Director: Paul F. Muir
Role: Ralphie

Salt-Water Moon

Production Company: Creating Genesis
Director: Heidi Susanne MacDonald
Role: Mary Snow

What Others Say About Me