Why Rebbekah Chose Salt Water Moon

Last summer Rebbekah was feeling very nervous about the fact that her Fourth and final year at Rosebud School of the Arts was coming up and she had no idea what she was going to do for a final project. Thus, the journey of reading a multitude of plays to find the perfect one began.

At first Rebbekah thought, an important story that challenges society and leaves the audience questioning all of life, was the story she fancied telling. So she read plays in that genre, and while she found that a lot of them were really great, they seemed too heavy for her. By this time she was beginning to panic, sure that she’d never find a play that suited her.

Someone had made the suggestion of Salt Water Moon by David French, and she had read the synopsis and had disregarded it because it looked like a goey romance story, the type that made you feel like it was a hallmark romance and since she had no interest in gushy romance she didn’t bother to read the play. Yet once the desperation sunk in, and she realized that she had very little options by this point, she took a copy from the library and read it out loud with her husband Joel Braun. She found herself getting very angry, crying, and laughing out loud. This play had it all.

Mary Snow couldn’t have been a better character type For her to play. Salt Water Moon, is a play that makes you dance a frustrating tango and ends with you feeling like it was a lovely slow waltz. Throughout the play you wonder if Jacob Mercer will succeed in winning back Mary Snow’s heart, yet you understand Mary’s reluctance in trying to brush him off. You find yourself caught between your desire for them to reconcile and your reason that says it’d be a foolish idea.

Rebbekah is eager to play Mary Snow alongside her husband Joel as Jacob Mercer. Don’t miss this captivating show. It will be playing March 13, 14, 15th, 2020. @ Arts Commons, Motel Theatre in Calgary.

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