What is a Final Project?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

In their final year of study, at Rosebud School of the Arts, Students are required to produce and or act/direct/design a show of their choosing. The requirements are, it must exceed 20 minutes and showcase the student in a field they have studied during their four years of training. It is the student's responsibility to gather a team, find a play, secure rights and fundraise for their project.

Rebbekah and Joel are working on doing just that. Joel picked the play Damien by Aldyth Morris because he felt it was a powerful story of love and sacrifice. Saint Damien was a man who saw a need among the outcast Lepers on Molokai Hawaii, and he sought to fulfill it. He was a man who fought for the rights of those less fortunate to give them the care they so desperately needed. To this day the churches that he built are still standing, and the settlement of Kalaupapa boasts of his handiwork as a carpenter.

Father Damien with a group of girls in Kalaupapa

Joel braun himself is a man who sees the need in others and seeks to fulfill that need. Before coming to Rosebud School of the Arts, Joel was a certified EMR who worked as a paramedic in Northern BC. His heart was and still is to help people in times of crisis. Aside from saving lives, Joel also had his Red Seal in Carpentry, a skill which became very useful when building sets for show productions, in particular the several other final projects that happened last year.

When it came to choosing the play which he would produce, it is not very surprising that Joel chose a play that portrayed a man he felt he connected to. There are many reasons the students choose the plays that they do. Some pick a play because of a dream role while others choose a play to showcase their talent. Joel chose Damien because of his connection to his desire to help others.

Don't miss Joel's performance as Damien in the well written play by Aldyth Morris. his show runs from January 24-26 2020.

Joel Braun

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