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Joel Braun

Actor. Musician. Playwright.


 My life bridges two worlds. Presently, I am immersed in the world of Canadian theatre and professional art. Following me here is my live in a different world. After growing up as a conservative, religious, home-schooled kid, I moved up to the wilds of Northern rural BC. I worked in the trades, as a paramedic and a firefighter, and embarked on many a wilderness adventure. I deeply love both these worlds. Each are a part of who I am; a part of my story. I have come to realize there is a divide between these worlds.  Both have a lot of animosity, distrust, assumptions and misunderstandings of each other. I want to make art that bridges that gap. 


Artist Statement


I am created to create. Deep in my soul is a hunger to reach down into the messy stewpot of my soul and scoop out a piece of myself; a piece of my story to share with the world. Stories move me. Drawing me in, they stir me to new insights of empathy, understanding, and love for humanity. I hope my story too, can do this for others. I yearn for stories that challenge me and make me uncomfortable, that urge me to look at an issue or belief or lifestyle from a new perspective. Currently, we live in a world of polarization. There is so much animosity and hate for ‘the other side’. My prayer is that through honesty and vulnerability of storytelling, I can break down that hate, replacing it with love and hope. This is why I am created to create.

Salt-Water Moon

Production Company: Creating Genesis

Director: Heidi Susanne MacDonald

Role: Jacob

Dreams of Kings and Carpenters

Production Company: RSA

Director: Heather Zacharias

Role: Joseph/Guitarist


Production Company: Creating Genesis

Director: David Snider

Role: Damien

Daddy Long Legs

Production Company: Wonderment Productions

Director: Leah Hearne

Role: Jervis Pendleton



"One of Joel’s greatest strengths is his passionate conviction and love of truth. This gives him license to invest in the heart of any story that he is connected to."

Jeany Van Meltebeke- Acting Coach

 "It was a joy to work with you, Joel, as you are open and courageous in the work. You are generous of spirit"

David Snider - Acting Coach

 "In his Music Captain role he was really gentle… about encouraging the cast… his playing in rehearsals caused others to challenge themselves to live up to his enthusiasm."

Brad G. Graham - Stage Manager